Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Forum: Our Favorite Things (Some Mother's Day Ideas)

We've been reading read the Favorite Things series  over at  And So She Says. It's been so fun to read!! We thought we'd share our favorite things here too... for a few purposes :). First, since we're all women, here are some gifts ideas for your moms, friends, sisters, grandmas, or whoever you want to give a mother's day gift.  Second, any men reading this... take note!!!


This collage reveals many of my favorite things.... gift certificates for pedicures, cute accessories for myself or my home, thoughtful homemade gifts (the slippers were made by my great-grandma 15 years ago-- and I still LOVE them); beautiful books & time to relax and read them; colored pants (I recently bought my first pair, and they are SO fun to wear :)); pretty kitchenware.

A few things that aren't pictured that I LOVE: my children's artwork, and love lists.  My husband wrote a list of 50 reasons he loves me. He included quirky traits I have, some bad habits that I'm trying to overcome, and some things I didn't even realize he noticed. That love list was a priceless gift that actually made me shed a few tears.


(Image Credit: Andrews Mcmeel)

1. I love just not having to do the normal routine things for the day... to me that is the best gift. I don't want to have to cook, clean, change a diaper, wash a sticky hand or face, referee a fight, all the great things that I do because I am a mother.  Just a simple day off is what I really love!!!

2. Family Photos-  My husband gave me the best gift for my birthday.  He made arrangements to have our family picture taken.  He took me shopping a few days before to pick out a new outfit.  He also set up a hair and make-up appointment for me, and made arrangements for my two daughters to have their hair done as well.  He even coordinated the girls outfit so we would all match.  AND!!!! The best part... he was actually happy while taking the pictures and smiled!!!!  I think a thoughtful gift means so much for a women than just picking up a card, flowers or chocolates!   (Those are great too!)

3. Kitchen Aid or Accessories- I love my Kitchen Aid and can't imagine cooking without it.  The best gift I ever received!!!!  It is a gift that keeps on giving.  (As long as you like yummy treats!!!)

4. Kitchen Tools- I use to hate getting kitchen gadgets for Mother's Day, Christmas, Birthday etc. But as I have gotten older, these are some of the greatest gifts.  This is from Rachael Ray, it's her Garbage Bowl and Bench Scraper.  

5. Gift Cards: I love to get Gift Cards to places like Hobby Lobby, Tai Pan, Joann's, or stores in the Mall.  I can use these gift card on me, on what I really want, and use them when I want!  For me a gift card from Walmart or Target just means I will buy diapers or groceries. 

1. Framed photos of the kids--which grandma/aunt/relative doesn't love pictures of their grandkids? And the more photos you give your parents, the more places you're kids will be seen around their house, letting everyone know who the favorite grandchildren are.

2. A card with a heartfelt note--I think all moms want to know that their enormous sacrifice and thankless service were in some part remembered.
3. Take mom out to lunch--My mom is so busy always making those time consuming delicious meals that to be able to take a break and relax is a great gift indeed.

P.S. We sell the above frames and many others in our Etsy Shop. Mom won't mind a bit if they arrive a day or two later than Mother's Day:))

What are your favorite things??
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