Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Pop of Color (Seasonal/Trends)

Hi there, if there is one thing that you will soon discover about me is that I love all things design! So, it should be no surprise that this week I am talking color. What is your favorite color, and are you incorporating it into your life?

If you like to follow the trends, then these colors might speak to you.  It has been announced by Pantone a.k.a “the color boss”or the “color authorities”  that Tangerine Orange is 2012 color of the year. What that means is that you will see it popping up everywhere from clothing, furniture, even down to the utensils you eat with. Not so sure you want to embrace this bold color? I suggest taking baby steps. Start small with a throw pillow, necklace, napkins etc.

 I love these examples:

(JCrew Collection)

Still not convinced? Then maybe Pantone’s 2013 color predictions will be more appealing to you. So what is in store for next year? Pantone vice president of fashion, home and interiors Laurie Pressman says blues and browns will grow in importance while red will fall back next year. Peaceful neutrals will be strong next year. Red will become "less important," Pressman said, and  yellow will show a growing influence . Along the same line, orange shades "are happy and bright and will stand out from the crowd," she said.
Read more:

I am liking these applications!:

(via Pinterest)
(via Pinterest)

So what do you think, do you love bold and bright or are you more neutral and calm? Either way you can't go wrong.

Have a great week!
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