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I       N       S       P       I       R       E


Remember when you listened to a song, read an amazing quote or heard about someones personal triumph in a challenging situation and you just feel inspired.  Our book review this week are books that have inspired us!  We would like to share what has inspired us on our journey through life and we can't wait to hear what books have inspired you? 

Nancy: Definitely my favorite inspirational books are, I am a Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson (former news network correspondent), and the Peacegiver by James Ferrill.

I have read The Peacegiver more than almost any other book. It teaches very profound and personal lessons about relationships, love, peace, and forgiveness. One of my children is named Abigail because of this book. Read it and find out why :).

Motherhood is often overlooked or seen as unessential, but I am a Mother illustrates through words how crucial motherhood truly is. Jane Clayson Johnson teaches all mothers, both those who "work" and those who "stay at home", the importance of their role. It is a powerful and validating book for all women.

 Jan: My favorite inspirational book would be Life’s Makeover by Cheryl Richardson.  It is 52 practical and inspiring ways to improve your life one week at a time.”   Several months before my mom passed away I was living in her home taking care of her when I found this book on her shelf.  The emotional and physical stress was immense at this time.  I remember at the time feeling like I was missing the joy in my life.  I had a 4 year old and a 1 year old and a very busy husband who was gone a lot with work and church callings.  I could feel myself reaching a breaking point.  I started reading this book and beginning the weekly goals and challenges.  I didn’t make it more than a few weeks when my mom was put in the hospital and my life turned upside down.  She came home with more health problems as well as no desire to keep living.  I put the book away for awhile and then didn’t pick it up again until several months after my mom had died.  This book helped me learn so much about taking care of myself, getting rid of clutter in my life, getting rid of the negative thoughts in my head and to truly change my life.  The back of the book states this, “Be prepared for your life to unfold in wonderful ways.  As you clean up the clutter, reconnect with your inner wisdom, strengthen your character, and take on the challenges of high-quality living, you’ll find that the lost parts of yourself start to come together to form a pretty amazing life!”  This is a great book to read with a friends or book club.  Cheryl Richardson suggest to find friends to support you in your life makeover.  Following the action challenges each were amazing to me how you can change your life and live a life of joy and happiness.  It is so helpful for me to go back and read the journal that I wrote with this book and to also to take the action challenges and keep improving.  

Jenn: I also had two books come to mind, You Are Special by Max Lucado and.... The Peacegiver! Nancy was very possibly my inspiration for reading The Peacegiver and I do agree that it is such a great book. Even though You are Special is a children's book, it has helped me many times in many situations. It has a great message of not worrying about what people think about you and that what really matters is the opinion of those who love you, which in this case is "the creator."

Maren: This weeks book post led to a really embarassing revelation about myself. Turns out most of the books I read are not that inspirational! Mostly just for pure entertainment! So I searched my bookcase and my memory and I remembered The Diary of Anne Frank  which I have read a bunch of times. This book is inspirational to me because of her courage and strength in a time of such hatred and sadness. Whenever I read it I am reminded that no matter what situation I am in I can still be grateful for the things that are right in my life. 
Lauralee: There are so many inspirational books out there! I was trying to brainstorm and come up with some that aren't the usual Wayne Dyer,or Robert Kiyosaki types (although good reads). That is when I realized that I am reading a new one right now! If you are not familiar with Clay Christensen this book will give you an insight into how his mind works. It is based off of a speech he gave to a graduating class at Harvard's Business school. He takes his innovative business principles and applies them to find happiness in all aspects of life. I think you will agree that this book is chuck full of wisdom and inspiration. You can also check out his speech on TED here:

 What book inspires you? 

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  1. I'm excited to try out some of those books! Some books that inspire me- The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom, The Power of Positive Thinking by Vincent Peale..
    Thanks lovely ladies!

  2. Thanks Kristi! I also enjoyed reading Tuesdays with Morrie and I am excited to try out some of your other books. Jan

  3. I just started a book called "DARING GREATLY" by Brene Brown. It is inspiring book about how the courage to be Vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead. I saw Brene Brown on the "Katie" show. It is a really good book that has helped me to change the way I think.

  4. Thanks Mackay Memories! I am so excited to read "DARING GREATLY" too. I loved listening to her on TED. She is a great motivating speaker! Thanks for sharing. Jan

  5. I spend a lot of time reading books that are enjoyable but probably a waste of my time. It's always nice to have a list of books that make you want to improve! I'm adding these to my list!


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