Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Harvest Wreath

So I hate to be the bearer of bad news but lets face it, there is a dramatic increase of school buses on the roads, outside at night is not deliciously warm and there is a suspicious amount of yellow and red on the surrounding flora and fauna. Fall is here. Let's all take a moment of silence to mourn the death of summer. Done? Ok deep breaths. Let's not think about snow drifts and shoveling but focus on the positive. Darling fall decorations!!!!

I recently purchased a couple wreath forms at my favorite craft store Le Industrie de Deseret (it's fancy) and I have been eager to make a harvest wreath. Now bear in mind I have never made a wreath like this before so if you're saying to yourself "that looks like my grandma made it in homemaking" it's true and don't worry yours will turn out better.

I went to Tai Pan and Walmart to find my leaf stems, cute little pumpkins, gourds, ribbon, cheapy scarecrow and anything else that looked fun.

I cut the branches with about 3 inches of stem left on them and wrapped them around the frame securing them with twine. With each branch addition I tucked the stem into the previous branch so it would hide the ugly green plastic a little bit. 

After wrapping all the branches around the frame I grabbed my gold glitter glue and traced the lines on the gourds and pumpkins just to add a little pop of glittery goodness. The pinecones got the same treatment but just on the tips of the needles (?). After those dried I glued them all around the frame with a glue gun. You can put a few of them in a little cluster if that suits your eye better. 
To cover up any bare spots I glued leaves here and there until I was satisfied and that was it! I was surprised how relatively easy it was and pretty cheap too when you consider a cute wreath can put you back from $20 to $200 for a really good one. Give yourself a chance to experiment and have fun!


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  1. This is the cutest fall wreath I've ever seen! It makes me want to make one, but I only hope mines half as good. The gold glitter is also a darling idea. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! Yours will be even cuter and then I'll be jealous and steal it.

  2. My mom could never have made a wreath that good and she never goes to homemaking so I'm in the clear. I love it and think it is so cute.

    1. Ha ha ha oh good. I do not want to have to be up against your mom. She would win in a wreath-off for sure.


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