Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doll Stroller Re-made

Something better than a brand new toy.... keeping your favorite one around for a long long time!

Every so often we get lucky enough to find a toy for our two year old that she loves enough to play with more than just a couple of times. This doll stroller happens to be one of those toys, and it has been used, loved and played with so much that it turned into this:

The other day she was pushing it around the house getting so upset because every time we buckled her baby in she fell right back out. I decided that this was a toy worth salvaging since it is one that keeps her happy on a daily basis.

Here is just a quick idea of how to take something you, your child or someone else in your life, love and give it a new life to be enjoyed a lot longer! Additionally, it is always nice to have a free pattern for these things!

First, take a lot of pictures of the item (whether it be a toy, clothing, furniture or anything else that can be taken apart and sewn back together) you are taking apart so that you will know exactly how to put it back together again.

Take your seam ripper and carefully unpick all of the places that have been sewn together.

Lay the old pieces on top of the fabric, pin them on and cut out the new pieces.

Cut any tapes, bindings, elastic or other materials used on your original piece. Now for the fun part of sewing it all back together!

There was one happy little girl when she woke up from her nap to a doll stroller that actually kept her doll in it the whole time she was pushing it around. So when you see those rips and tares, do not fret! In the case of this stroller, the original fabric was very thin so to up the strength and longevity I bought a home decor weight fabric.

This is a tip that can work on so many of your favorite things. It really is quite easy since you don't have to do any guessing and you already know how the finished product will be! So instead of throwing away that shirt or toy that you really love, grab some material and get to work!

Have fun!

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  1. I liked this idea. I bet you could do it with other items that are made of fabric and need to be fixed. Thanks for sharing.


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