Monday, September 17, 2012

This is not Your Mother's Wallpaper!

If you are already turned off by the word “wallpaper”, sit tight and let me convince you that this is not your mother’s wallpaper. I am sure we all have visions of potpourri explosions on the walls thanks to the 80's. Perhaps, you remember the sports themed or animal themed borders via the 90's, but I am here to tell you wallpaper has come a long way!

I was aching for a small change to my front room, and wanted to do something different than the usual painted accent wall. This is what I came up with:

I pulled this off in less than an hours time and for less money than a gallon of paint!

Here is why I love wallpaper:
  • It adds big impact!
  • It can be less expensive than painting. I found my wallpaper at Target of all places (and it was on clearance for $20 a roll)!
  • It is easier to remove than paint (which is great if you are renting).
  • There are so many fun options and choices out there!
I love how they have applied wallpaper here:
Needing an update? Then maybe wallpaper is your answer!

Have a good one!

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  1. Wow your room looks incredible! Was it too hard to apply? Because that's what holds me back doing wall paper I'm afraid if I don't get a pro to install it then it will look like a big mess.

  2. Thanks! It was easy to apply, that is why I loved it! I found simple instructions on YouTube. The only other tools I would recommend would be a razor, wallpaper smoothing brush (found mine at home depot), and a wallpaper through for the water (also at Home Depot). It also helps if your walls have a smoother texture.


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