Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Refinished Metal Lantern

Give New Life to the Rusty Trash in Your Home!

 Now if that heading didn't pull you in like a hungry trout I don't know what will! But if you find an old yucky item that has potential to be cool deep in it's rusty heart then read on.

 I was browsing aimlessly at my local Deseret Industries the other day when I happened upon this metal lantern, rusting in many places and looking sad. I coughed up the buck fifty and brought it home to my husband. His glance at me read, "hmmm so this is how hoarding begins. How wonderful that my house will eventually be crawling with mice and dead cats." I assured him more confidently than I felt that this was going to look really cute once I was done. He nodded and turned on the tv.

 I began by roughing up the surface with some sand paper. I know you are supposed to use a steel scrubber but sand paper works pretty good too. It was kind of like sanding a crazy cheese grater and I had to use some thinner objects (like the pencil) to get in between the tiny spaces. It's important to get as much surface sanded as possible so the paint will adhere. I've done it both ways; the lazy way where you just paint and go and the prepping way where you actually take the time to prepare the surface and trust me, it's much easier if you do the prep.

 After you have it sanded as much as you possibly can, choose your favorite metal spray paint color.  Make sure to take it somewhere that can be painted like the garage or the backyard so if paint gets everywhere you won't be cursing so much. Make sure to spray about 12 inches away and constantly move the can back and forth. This will make sure you have a nice even layer without drips and bubbles. 

Do as many layers of paint until you are satisfied with the color and coverage. I did a couple layers on this lantern to get it evenly coated. Drying time is pretty quick only four hours or so. It was so easy and both my husband and I were happy with the result. Woosh!  So be brave, grab that sad junk, spray paint and have some fun!


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