Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Onesies

                         This is a really easy and a fun project especially if you don't sew !! :) 
                                     I made this onesies for my daughter's first birthday.
                                                        Here are the simple steps.

Draw a circle or whatever shape you want on the material. 
Make sure your draw on the backside of the material and cut it out. 
Draw your number or other shapes on the back of the material and cut it out. 
Pretty simple so far!!    
 This stuff is so great since I don't sew!  It is a called  Heat n Bond. 
      I got it at Walmart but most craft or fabric stores will have a similar version.
Again you will cut the shape out of the heat n bond that you need. 
Follow the instruction on the back.
1. Peel off paper liner. 
2.  Place material, adhesive side down on top of oneseis. 
(so the adhesive side will touch your onesies that part always confuses me :)
3. Press and hold iron for 8 seconds on each section until entire piece is bonded.
It helps to move iron in a circular motion.  If parts of material are
not bonded just hold iron over that section again.

 Once the material is ironed on your onesies,  just take some embroidery floss
  and and go around the big circle and the number to make it pop.

I also made 12 onesies with #1 thru #12 on it for my nephew for a picture each month til he is one.  There are so many possibilities for onesies or T-shirts.  You could make Mickey Mouse ears for a Disneyland trip, Christmas shapes to match PJ bottoms, holiday shapes,
animals, names, the possibilities are endless!


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  1. Can't wait to make this delectable looking zuchinni bread! This post is so you Maren. Anyone that can put their personality into a recipe like that has major skills. XO Kristi

    1. Oops that what supposed to go on the zuchinni bread post baha!


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