Thursday, September 13, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Football has been in my blood since I was born.  I remember watching BYU football games with my dad at a young age. My dad worked at BYU and sometimes we got to go to the stadium and watch the game, otherwise the family room floor was a vivid memory.  We would yell and scream at the screen knowing that the team was listening to us! I am not sure if the "Love of the Game" has stayed because of these memories created with my dad but I love football!

 When my first two daughters were five and two we had our first football party.  Since then it has become tradition each fall that we have 2 or 3  football parties during the season with yummy food, half time games and watching the BYU Cougars!

So may I present our 2012 football party!


 Let's start with some good food! 

We had 7 layer dips in a cup with chips.  I have seen this all over pinterest.  It is so simple to make and great for easy serving.  On the left hand side is a popcorn cup with M&M popcorn which is also all over pinterest with lots of varieties.  Really simple too!  All that is needed is bagged popcorn, white chocolate chips and M&M's.  I also added blue sprinkles and only blue M&M's for loyalty.  

Don't forget your Vegges!

Chicken Nuggets and Pizza Rolls


Our Half Time Games!
Field Goal Toss
Color your   "Y"
Football Board Game
During half time we play games either with football in mind or we run outside and play to get rid of the calories we had during the first half.  I made up the Football Board Game this year.  It should help the girls learn the plays, pentalty and rules of the game.  I am super excited to play it with the girls!!  The field goal toss is some football easter eggs I bought on the clearance rack at Walmart, we will see how many balls get through our field goal.  Coloring their "Y" just gives the girls something to do while we are scoring points!!!


Whether you are a Cougar, Ute, Aggie, or Wildcat fan a football party can be a fun family tradition! 
May your team win this week unless you are playing mine!!


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